Looking for an infant doll that fits newborn baby clothes for my preschooler.
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My 3-year-old is getting into dressing her Little Mommy doll. I've been using her old newborn clothes, but the dolls are too small. (And the stuffed animals are the wrong shape.) Can you recommend a doll that can wear the newborn clothes?

It should be a doll that she can play with-- that means no expensive collectibles. Also, it should be light, so she can carry it around with her.
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Cabbage Patch Dolls fit newborn clothes and they're still pretty lightweight. Some still have yarn hair, but some have that cornsilk hair you can brush.
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This doll from Corolle fits real baby clothes.

The girls I nanny for have Corolle dolls and they're very cute and very sturdy, and lightweight enough for the 2 year old to drag around. They're also a favorite of celebrity babies (Suri Cruise has been spotted with them several times). Still, they're reasonably priced and wouldn't count as "collectible." I highly recommend them and would definitely buy them for my own kids, had I any kids of my own.
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How about Baby Annabelle?
Leaving the batteries out is a good idea :)
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I had one of these as a kid (and still have her in a closet somewhere at my mom's) and love love loved her. They're very realistic and exactly the size of a newborn baby--if that sort of thing matters to you, they also made anatomically correct ones. They're not cuddly, but you can bathe them and they feel like a real baby, which was more important to me when I was a little girl.
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(You should be able to find similar dolls at Toys R Us still if you don't want to go the Ebay route, I'd guess. I know that they still make short, chubby versions of the same sort of doll, although it might be difficult to fit the correct clothes on them).
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I'm seconding the Cabbage Patch dolls. When I was a little kid, I dressed mine in my baby clothes all the time. I thought it was really neat.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the suggestions. They're very helpful. I had a Cabbage Patch Kid when I was young too. I'm sure my parents still have it in their closet. I didn't know about the Berenguer dolls and there are some good choices in there. My daughter looks a bit like Suri Cruise, so the Corolle doll is a bit pricey, but might be the right one for her. ;)
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