Bikes per household?
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Bicycle per household statistics?

I'm doing a presentation on bicycle commuting and I'm trying to find some North American bike ownership statistics. Help would be greatly appreciated.

What is the average number of bicycles owned by a North American household?
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Have you checked BTS? The most recent set of data I could find is from the Highlights of the 2001 Household Survey which lists the mean number of drivers, vehicles, and bicycles per adult household. (0.86 bikes per household.) They also say that only about 8% bike in a week.

I think this might be the best source online (at least for the USA). Though transportaiton statistics are pretty unorganized as a whole.
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I know this does not answer your question directly, but its likely that the average# of bicycles owned per cyclist is certainly more than 1:1. Lots of dedicated cyclists have bikes like people have pairs of shoes.
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