The American Bar at The Savoy in London is closed - help!
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Wedding anniversary in London - need suggestions for a classy place providing after dinner drinks, entertainment.

Tomorrow is our first wedding anniversary, and while I've already got dinner booked at a Marco Pierre White restaurant we both like, I urgently need some ideas for for after dinner drinks and live music.

I was planning on taking my wife to The American Bar, but managed to totally overlook the fact that The Savoy Hotel is closed for renovations.

Can someone recommend an alternative, preferably in Central London near Piccadilly Circus?

Dancing not at all essential, and a piano & singer is much preferred to canned music. I'll be wearing a suit and she'll be suitably attired as well if that matters.
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We usually stay at Claridge's and they have a great bar.
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Jazz singer Nicola Emmanuelle is performing at the Pigalle Club tomorrow evening--right by Piccadilly Circus, small, table service, feels like a real "insiders'" club.
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The Pigalle Club was an excellent suggestion. The food was very nice, haute sized portions (which seem to be disappearing fast in The West End as nearly everything migrates to American supersize) added to the appeal and not only were the cocktails strong, their drinks and wine menu is extensive.

Nicola Emmanuelle put on two shows, very classy performance added overall to a wonderful evening.

We closed the evening with a visit to The Palm Beach Casino at The Mayfair Hotel (membership is currently open, just bring ID and be prepared to lose some money to the house).

So excellent suggestion, many thanks!
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Really glad it worked out well.
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