Where can I find streaming news videos with captions?
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Where can I find streaming news videos with captions?

I want to watch the debate tonight on my laptop, but I need captions or subtitles. Does anyone know if any of the sites streaming it will have captions? And generally, if any major news organizations have begun putting captions on their streaming videos?
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C-SPAN debate hub will have the video on a 7 minute delay, and the transcripts will be available on the timeline on about a 20 minute delay ( hopefully ).

Same deal here, but the transcript will be in a more linear display.

disclaimer - i am involved in these
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Response by poster: xorry: A 7 minute delay is reasonable, but a transcript is not what I'm looking for. I'm going to be watching this with friends, so being 13+ minutes behind ...

I know how to find transcripts. I'm really specifically looking for subtitles. (Incidentally, given that the debates will be captioned on TV, do you know why those same captions can't be used online? I'm aware that the formats are slightly different, but that's just a protocol issue, and easily fixed.)
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Edit - the second link should be this . The full screen will be airing first instead of split. Normally it'd be both but the House will still be in.

That's a good point about the CC. Currently, we can do CC or a transcript, but not both at once. In the future we should have the CC overlayed on the video.. There's no technical reason why it can't be done. Hopefully one of the networks has it somewhere..
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