What do I need for a bed?
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I'm buying a bed for the first time and just got the mattress. Should I get a boxspring and bed frame, or just a bed frame or platform bed (same as bed frame?)? I was considering this ikea frame so it looks easy to disassemble when I move.
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It's either or. If you get a platform bed, you don't want/need a boxspring. Warning: Ikea beds can only be assembled/disassembled so many times in my experience before they get wobbly.
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I have a platform bed and like it. I just moved into a new place and couldn't get queen sized box springs up the stairs, so something that will disassemble flat is nice.
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i have a similar platform bed from ikea and i like it. no boxspring.
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This great mattress article pointed out by Sassyfras in a previous question suggests getting a platform bed, and going with an innerspring mattress without a box spring or any other bells and whistles.
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Depends on what you like sleeping on better. I used to sleep on a platform bed with the wood slats underneath. I changed to a box spring and sleep a lot better now.
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I have a recent Ikea model very similar to that. I'm using a futon mattress with it. Suits me just fine and looks good. I had been using futon frames for the previous 10 years since I have always hated box springs. I move a lot too, often alone and into places with tight staircases, so I look for furniture that is easy to move. Even the futon frames while they disassembled somewhat got to be a pain. So, yes, in my opinion your line of thought is sane.
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I recommend just a mattress and platform bed if only because I think you will have more furniture options in the future. At least right now there seem to be nicer looking options for platforms than for bed frames especially if you like the modern look.
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I recommend not getting an Ikea bed. Spend extra and go for something more premium, if you can. Your back will thank you for it.
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You won't want to disassemble and reassemble that IKEA bed very many times. We have an IKEA bed that is similarly constructed; though we're very happy with both it and the mattress we got, it's made of particleboard and is assembled with many little screws that go directly into the particleboard. Fine if you're not going to drag it around or take it apart a bunch, but it won't hold up through many moving cycles.

Aside from that, I think box springs are a waste of time. But it really depends on the mattress you bought and how supportive it is by itself.
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You say you've got the mattress already? A lot of mattresses are specifically designed to go with their box springs and won't provide the optimum support without it. If you got a mattress that doesn't need a box spring (or don't care that much about it) I would definitely recommend an ikea bed, but maybe not the Ramberg-- it's always felt a bit wobbly to me. I have the Hopen which is a bit more expensive, but is really sturdy and has survived 3 re-assemblings.

I've heard that you can use an ikea bed with a boxspring, but don't know from personal experience. Might want to look into it? Hope that helps...
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If you get an Ikea bed, you don't need a boxspring, but be ABSOLUTELY SURE that you get the metal thingum that goes down the middle of the bed.

Platform beds don't need boxsprings, but for other styles, it might make it a bit more comfortable. It's all a matter of personal preference.

I currently sleep on an Ikea bed (the Melbu) with no boxspring and one of the higher-end Ikea mattresses and my bedding situation is damn near blissful. Beds and sleep are so, so personal though - everyone has different preferences and some people need more support or less support, so don't take the words of MeFites as gospel - find out what YOU think is comfortable and go with it.

I would recommend trying the bedframe you like sans boxspring and if you don't like it, hey! Get a boxspring!
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Hmm, last I looked into it (many years ago), IKEA beds and mattresses were an unusual size - check that they match your mattress dimensions.
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as some have mentioned, boxsprings are not "in" right now because platform beds are so popular and you don't need the box with them. i just bought a mattress and box spring together and now i have this GIGANTIC BED. its nice and sturdy, but i feel like now i have this giant piece of furniture and i'm not sure what to do with it.
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I prefer the mattress/wood frame option so I don't have to deal with a stupid dust ruffle!
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I regret buying an ikea bed. It broke. During sex. Multiple times. And no, I'm not bragging about it. Also, the mattress is not nearly as good as one from a "real" mattress store. I think there was a thread about this a long time ago on AskMe.
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I love my flatform bed which I've had about 10 years. When I first slept on it, I noticed the mattress felt a lot firmer than it did on the boxspring.
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I have a similar IKEA bed (Malm) with no boxspring. I like it.

I should mention that the first metal beam broke soon after we bought it, and the second one was a bit wobbly (so that the slats fell through a couple of times, which was awkward) but I think I had it the wrong way around because it's been fine since I flipped it to put the "seam" at the foot end.

Apart from those teething problems it's a great bed and I sleep well on it.
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