Where has channel 9.5 in Seattle gone?
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Anyone in Seattle who understands QAM television tuners? I get HD with my Panasonic for free on basic cable (the ones that are unencrypted). I've been very happy. But why has channel 9's HD channel (called 9.5) disappeared? How can I now punch in the numbers on my remote and get it? The website AV Forum has had trouble with passwords, and it's hard to navigate anyway, so I can't get in there.
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I don't have a solution for you - but I've had the same channel disappear (Seattle also). So at least it's not just you. I think I had two or three channel 9s in that same range that went out.
posted by Craig at 11:13 AM on September 26, 2008

KCTS made the HD channel their primary stream, and re-org'd the channels.
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Thanks, Curse. Also, yes, Craig: until before 9.5 left there were five KCTS channels: the regular one (9), the regular one in digital (9.1), the spanish one (9.2), the Create (9.3), and the HD (9.5). Stupid of me not to survey the KCTS website. I just thought it was because Comcast was shuffling all the unencrypted HDs around as they used to do a LOT!!! KCTS has simply decided that 9.5's merely showing repeat hi-qual (often HD) programs was too duplicative. But!! I worry, because the main channel 9 (and 9.1) in daytime is like all daytime PBS stations, namely insipid cartoons for children (who, all over the world are now becoming themselves insipid as they ingest this disturbing garbage... like Telatubbies). I hope that 9.1 now will offer all those hi-qual adult programs and we'll get a lot of true HD. We'll see.
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