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Why won't my new BlackBerry Curve send text messages?

My coworkers and I just got new Blackberry Curves (8310). We all got the same model. I can recieve text messages, but when I go to send one or reply, I get a Protocol Error, and the SMS won't go through. I've tried it at all levels of a signal, so it's not that I am not getting a strong enough signal to send one. My coworkers have no problems as they are able to send them to me.

I've tried going into the Host Routing Table and registering one of the options, and there is one option that is bolded. There are probably 20 options and they all say "subscribed," including the one that is bolded.

Again, there are 10 of us with the same phone, and I am the only one having the problem. No SMS or MMS ability.

Thoughts? Fixes?

I've read online that I might have to downgrade the OS, but why would I be the only one with the problem?

And for the record, we have no tech support. I literally had the phone dumped on my desk with instructions to change the SIM card and figure out the rest on my own, which I have, just this one last issue!
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I'm assuming this is an unlocked model that you received and you're in the US? This may be a WAG, but you may have to enter the gateway info- I know with T-mobile you can contact customer service to have them send it directly to your phone (in the case of T-Mobile In the instances I've seen it, it will allow SMS but not MMS so I may be wrong.
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If you've T-Mobile, you can use the Configurator to get the right settings.
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sorry, AT & T.
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When I got my 8310 I had this issue, everything worked but SMS/MMS.

It was caused by my SIM card being way too old. They just gave me a new one (and transferred my old phone number to it) and that did the trick.
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Anyone else in your office using AT&T? I think I remember hearing they were having some issues with SMS and MMS messaging a few weeks ago, not sure if it's cleared up.

I would ask that you briefly trade phones with a co-worker, just pop your SIM into someone else's, and see if you can text then. If you can, it's your phone. If not, it's your network coverage and you may need something additional from AT&T.
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Call AT&T. Tell them your phone number. If they require a PIN then get it from whoever gave you this device. This doesnt sound like a hardware issue.
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I recently bought a phone (a Razr) and had the same problem. I could receive texts but not send them. It was a simple fix. Under the text message setup there was a setting that said "use GPRS." It was supposed to be set to "no" but it was set to "yes." As soon as I switched it to "no" the problem was solved.
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First thing you'll want to do, if you haven't already is do a hard reset. Doesn't affect your data. Just pull the battery out while the BlackBerry is on and leave the battery out for about 10 seconds, then throw it back in, wait for it to turn on and try again.

If you still have problems, like sephira says swap out sim cards with someone and see if you have the same problem. If you have someone else's sim card in your phone and it works, there is either something wrong with your sim card or with your service. Call AT&T at that point.
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A old sim card generally would not cause txt problems.
What you need to check is the service center number.
In a BB curve(using handset software 4.5) you can do this the following way:
from the main menu enter options/settings
select 'SMS'
set the 'service center' number to be whatever is correct for your carrier.

If you do not know what the service center number is then a quick call to the help desk should provide it. and you can also ask them to check the bearer services for txt messaging while you are at it

Also check the 'network to send over' setting most carriers will use 'CS' though some will use 'PS'
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