Debate watching in Minneapolis?
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If there is a debate to watch tonight, where can a girl get a drink in Minneapolis and watch it?

I have reserved seats at the UBS Forum to watch the debate tonight. Instead I'd rather be able to watch (and listen) to the debate but enjoy a cocktail while doing so. My BF and I couldn't find any bar/restaurant that had Obama's acceptance speech on the night of. Instead I had to resort to watching it on YouTube the day after.

If I or anyone else I knew had TV that got reception, or had cable that would be an option, but as it stands, it is not.

Help a girl out Minneaoplis MeFites!
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I am guessing, but I would expect The Newsroom to broadcast it.

Maybe call them to confirm?
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I know Minnpost is doing something downtown as well - don't know if the whole RSVP thing is required (or if this is truly "members only"), but you can call or email them and ask if you can just show up. I've never been to one of their events, but it sounds like there will be discussion by some of the Minnpost staff before and after the debate.
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I called the Newsroom (as I've got dinner plans with a friend tonight, and we would like to see the debate as well) and they confirmed that they'll have the debate on.
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Drinking Liberally is usually at the 331 Club.
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Cool thanks everyone! At least we now have options
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If you register with the Obama site you can get lists of campaign-related events, including debate parties.
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The DFL is having its party at the Favor Cafe. I think it's open to the public, but not sure.

Kirkaracha, I looked there yesterday, but all of the parties seem to be in private homes.
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The late notice is a shame. This'd make a great meetup. :(
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