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UK filter: I'm looking for a printing and framing service.

I want to have a picture printed and framed for a friend but as I live rurally, I can't get to a shop in time to get it done. Does anyone know of a service where you an email them a picture in .jpg or whatever and they print and frame it for you? Google searches tend to bring up high street shop websites.

Any recommendations gratefully received!
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They only do 5x7 and 8x10 with a choice of three frames, but everything else I've had printed/made with Photobox has been of great quality and shipped very quickly.
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Intelligence Direct. Much cheaper than photobox for anything major. I think they do framing too.
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Seconding Photobox. I (and a couple of the guys that I work with) have been quite happy with them.
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Probably not directly what you want, but photobloc do this onto canvas, and have brilliant customer services - and you can choose various framing options for the canvas.

Obviously if you're after a framed photo, this isn't so useful, but for anyone in the UK wanting canvas printing - I'd highly recommend them!
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thirding photobox - good quality results
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