Requsting rousing radio recommendations
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Looking for recommendations on a compact AM/FM electric radio with digital tuner for under $50.

The Wal-Mart special I currently have just isn't cutting it. I want a decent AM/FM radio that has a digital tuner, runs on AC power, has two self-contained speakers and is compact enough to easily move from room to room. Superior sound quality would be nice but I'm not expecting an audiophile product at this price range. Not interested in CD or cassette (!) playback. Bonus points if the radio is at least somewhat visually appealing.
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I have an RCA Model #RP5420B. Only 1 speaker as far as I can tell, but it sounds good. And it has the dial for an analog tuner right under the volume dial, but the clock is replaced by a tuner while you're messing with it. It even knows the even numbered decimal spots. It also has 2 alarms and an auxiliary input if you're into that kind of thing.

Most importantly to me though, it connects to a satellite IIRC and sets the time itself. So if you needed to move it to another room all you'd need to do is plug it in and forget about it.

Under $20 for the thing easy, but most likely closer to $15.
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I have this Teac am/fm radio. This model does not have a clock, I think the ad is wrong on that particular feature.

This radio has a wonderful rich sound. I liked it so much, I bought one for my office. Sometimes visitors will look around for speakers and ask where is the music coming from.
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Sleepiness made me forget that linkage would be nice. Amazon and a better picture would help out a lot, wouldn't they?
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The two-speaker qualification kinda screws-up your choices. For two speakers under $50.00, you're almost locking yourself into a boombox style radio that will almost surely have a CD player, Mp3 port and whatnot, in addition to a poor AM-FM tuner. The sound quality won't be very good, either.

I think your best bet is to look into the many dedicated AM-FM radios in your price point with a single, mono speaker.

You might want to peruse some of the threads in this radio forum at AudioKarma for some ideas.
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Well, for the interested, I ended up getting this device made by Philips. It met almost all of my qualifications and also features an iPod dock, which is great since I listen to a fair amount of podcasts. It also has two speakers, a digital FM tuner with presets, AC power and decent sound for just over $50.

It's a little on the large size but still small enough to move around when needed. The only thing it doesn't have is AM radio, which I realized I probably wouldn't use anyway. Liking it so far, although the FM reception could be a tad better. It does at least have a telescoping antenna and most channels come in great. Overall, I'm pretty happy with the purchase.
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