I want Thunderbird to ask what email address I want to use.
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Thunderbird: Is there some magical way (plugin? manual tweak?) to have the "from" email account in new messages be blank so I'll have to select it each time I make a new email instead of using the last selected mailbox?

I sometimes accidentally send email from my "professional" firstname.lastname@gmail.com email address when I really should send it from internet.handle@gmail.com.

It's not a huge deal, I'd just rather the fine people of Craigslist not have my full name. And I really hate webmail.
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If you select the folder associated with the mailbox you want to use, the Write button will open a new mail with the appropriate outgoing address.

I don't know what you do if you pipe it all into one inbox, though.
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If you pipe it all into one inbox, Thunderbird will choose your default SMTP account... if you make this an account that does not work (change the server to; leave a critical piece of information blank), that will stop outgoing mail from actually being sent. After a few days of this, you will probably habitualize the selection of outgoing mail, but keeping the safeguard will prevent those hasty accidental sends.
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