How to record streaming presidential debate?
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How can I record a video stream from CNN this Friday?

I follow US politics and elections like other people follow professional sports, and there's a playoff tomorrow that sounds like it's going on whether or not one of the teams shows up. Unfortunately, I have play rehearsal tomorrow night and will be unable to watch it. I don't have cable TV, and was planning on watching it on CNN's or Fox's stream. Is there a simple way to record it for when I get home? Alternatively, is there a reliably-seeded bittorrent tracker for political videos like this?
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Well if it was like last year, iTunes had all the debates available for free download later. Someone might upload it to the Pirate Bay later as well.
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Er, make that last time, not last year :)
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I imagine it would also appear on Obama's YouTube Channel as well.
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mplayer does this:
mplayer docs on this subject
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