Can I automate the creation of PDFs from a large number of Word documents?
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Acrobat Filter. In Mac OS 9.2, I regularly create a large number of PDFs from Word files using Distiller 5.0. The problem is, I do this for 30 large files every 10 days, and must manually first create .ps files, and then distill them. The process takes more than 1 hour, during which I must open Each Word file to .ps "print" it. Short of buying a new copy of Acrobat for $300 and/or an OS X computer, is there any way to automate this process?
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Is there a reason you print a postscript file and then distil that file? I ask because back when I was on OS 9, my copy of Acrobat came with (I guess a PPD) that I could select from the chooser so that I could print directly to PDF. I never tried to create a desktop printer from that (I hated desktop printers), but I imagine you could, and they you could just drag the 30 files onto that.
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In fact, here is a place to download Macintosh Post Script Printer Drivers for Acrobad. Will those work for you?
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Response by poster: OMG! It WORKED! I've probably spent 60 hours over the last 8 months for NOTHING. I thought I had tried what you just proposed 8 months ago. THANK YOU!!!
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Response by poster: Actually, it doesn't work : (. I don't have to individually PS > PDF any more, but I still have to hit "print" for each file, then wait, sometimes minutes, before being able to hit print for the next one.... : (
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Response by poster: (There's no batch file to PDF option?)
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If OS X will do what you need, you can install OS X on many older Macs (list), and it's about $170 cheaper than distilller.
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I'm not a Mac guy, but can you print from Finder?
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Response by poster: Actually, I solved my problem! Despite what I thought last fall when I embarked upon my business, I can write a macro is MS Word that will "print" multiple files, i.e., distil to PDF. Since the names of the ~30 files remain the same, it will suffice to just write a macro! This makes me very happy, and I truly thank you, nonetheless, for your suggestions.
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How about an open source batch converter that converts MS .doc files to .pdf? I need to convert several hundred docs and can't be bothered to "print" them to PDF separately. Anyone? Anyone?
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What OS are you using?
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Response by poster: Shoepal: If you can, somehow, rename the files with numbers, you can use the macro I've written. E-mail if you want to take a look at the VBA code.
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there was a shareware app called print2pdf that just creates a pdf driver.

PrintToPDF 2.4.4 - MacUpdate
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In the finder, set the printer to be your PDF printer.

Select all of the Word documents you want to convert.

Select 'Print...' from the Finder's File menu (or hit Apple-P).

The files should open in Word & you can set the print setup with the first file & all the others will print to the same setup.

[Disclaimer: It's ages since I used OS9 for anything more than running Quark Xpress. This is how I remember batch printing QXD docs back then. I'm assuming it'll work the same way for Word.]
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Thanks Paris, but I can't rename them. Sigh. I'm resigning myself to "printing" a dozen or two a day.
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