Lake District Recommendations?
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UKFilter: Planning a camping trip to the Lake District in October looking for suggestions and recommendations of places to stay and things to do.

My girlfriend and me are taking the car from Dublin to Holyhead and going to drive to Cumbria to see the Lake District in October. We're planning on camping for most of the trip, but may stay in a hotel/b&b/pub guesthouse type place for a night or two on the way back (thinking of Chester, but open to suggestions).

As far as camping in the Lake District there seem to be a lot of camp sites. Any recommendations? Are there some outstanding places - re facilities, location, people who run it, etc. Or any places to avoid?

As far as activities; well it will obviously be relatively active - plenty of walking, running, bike hire etc. Would like to get a bit more adventurous (thinking kayaking or climbing). Any good places for beginners to get stuck in without being overwhelmed or bored?

Are there any real gems out there - pubs, places to visit, museums, villages, etc., that don't get mentioned on the tourist websites? Any suggestions for a nice town to stay in for the last night before getting the ferry home - somewhere about an hour or so from Holyhead?
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No specific suggestions as to places to stay (I've been, and stayed near Ullswater, which was convenient and pleasant) but do go to the Cumberland Pencil Museum in Keswick! Sounds boring but isn't. A lovely little museum that tells you all you ever wanted to know about pencils :)
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Best answer: Here is a list of campsites in the lake district. Have a look at the reviews and I am sure you will find something suitable.
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Response by poster: Thanks Altolinguistic. That sounds great and is exactly the sort of thing I would have skimmed past if not recommended.

Thanks voon_42. I've checked a few websites for camping but hadn't come across that one, the reviews are particularly helpful.
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This place was a fun place to stay:

There are loads of good pubs (have a look on Beer in the Evening).
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I grew up in the Lakes. This means I'm slightly cynical about all the tourist stuff and I can't really recommend places to stay. However, I have stayed at a lovely B&B in Wasdale Head, but all the farms down there seem to do B&B and they all seem lovely, so I wouldn't want to single it out.

I am biased as I come from that corner of the Lakes, but I suggest you go west and north and explore the area around such lakes as Ennerdale, Wast Water, Loweswater, Buttermere and Crummock. They are the best (well I think so anyway). I also thing autumn's the best time to be there, because the colours on the fells are beautiful.

As for pubs - the local brewery is Jennings and you can't really go wrong (yes, I am biased).

There are tons of instructors and schools and beginners classes for all sorts of activities, you are getting towards the end of the season, but go to any of the bigger towns and tourist centres and you should be able to find someone to help you do what ever it is you want to do.

The Mountain Rescue Helicopter used to fly out over my school playground, we would watch it circle the hills, and then return back over our heads to the hospital. October can potentially be a dodgy time weather wise, please only go out on the fells if you are sure you know what you're doing.
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Response by poster: Thanks to everyone for their input. Voon_42's link has proved very helpful, some great info on it.
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