Remote desktop through LAN?
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(I know you're not my helpdesk, but...) I'm trying to get some kind of "remote desktop" going between my laptop and my desktop.

So I have a laptop running XP SP 2 or something, and a desktop running Vista (home or premium, but not the really really expensive one that does everything you need). I want to use the laptop as a workstation, and the desktop as the server.

People tell me this is possible through something called 'Remote Desktop' in XP. Problem: there seems to be some incompatibility between XP and Vista.

Important: the connection HAS to be made using the LAN and not via Logmein or teamviewer via the internet, as I want to use it for playing games. Also, PCAnywhere is a bit expensive at nearly 300 $.

Keep your explanations really basic please, because I get confused easily. Thanks.
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You could look at one of the versions of VNC but even over a LAN I doubt you'll get the refresh rate you would want for playing games.
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Playing games over RDP would even be annoying at best. Not a good idea. That said, what 'incompatibility' did you encounter with RDP between the two workstations? There shouldn't be a reason you can't RDP between the two workstations, unless you're having problems with the stupid Windows firewall.
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On the Vista box, open up system properties. On the remote tab, set the "Allow connections running any version of Remote Desktop" radio button. That will take care of the compatibility issues, but Borkencode is right. Playing games remotely like that will be largely unplayable using VNC or Remote Desktop.
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I just began using Gbridge today and it's pretty fantastic. You need a gmail account to use. I'm not a gamer, so not sure it will work for you on that front. Thus far I've used it for file transfers and remote destop control and it works great.
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I want to use it for playing games

What you are trying to do is not a standard use of Remote Desktop and most likely will not work. What exactly are you trying to do? You might be able to use something like MaxiVista to get what you want but I'm not sure what kind of setup you're going for.
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LogMeIn works great.
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What kinds of games?
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You can also try downloading the latest Remote Desktop software for XP. I'll also echo that playing games over RDP or VNC will most likely not work. Even if it does, your frame rates will be abysmal even over a LAN connection.
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All of the advice above is sound, but like everyone said, even over a Gigabit connection playing games or doing anything graphics-intensive will be really sucky.
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Everybody warning you about frame rates is correct. That said, I think you'll find that of the LAN remote desktop solutions available, UltraVNC performs best provided you do choose to install its video hook driver and don't enable encryption during setup.
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Fast changing graphics - > 2-3 frames per second of images or heavy graphic would be very slow over RDP.
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Google Earth is funky over RDP, so I think gaming is out unless you're talking about Minesweeper. Also, I think you can run the RDP client on XP Home but you'll need XP Pro to run the RDP server.
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