Help setting up an office pool
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I would like to start on office pool on a number of questions, like "How long until our boss quits?", "Who will be the next President?" and other questions. Can anyone think of a free on-line tool to set this up?
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Closest I can think of is Long Bets... which has the questions covered, but not the pool aspect.
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If you'll pardon my saying so, that sounds like a really good way to get yourself canned.
posted by Class Goat at 12:10 PM on September 25, 2008

We had all sorts of these things going on at my last job (it was in gambling equipment programming)--although I never participated, being too chicken to bet cash. You don't really want to put these up online, because they're most likely illegal in your jurisdiction.

Think like a bookie (which you are, if you're managing the gambling). Would you really put your books online? Don't you think that's pretty much game-set-match for your local police force, should they find it?

Also, Class Goat has a point. You want to be real careful about what your predictions are... people can take offense to them, and if folks around there are capable of influencing the odds, they can create perverse incentives.
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Prediction market software
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Thanks milkrate, I'd been looking for such a list!
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I was thinking about doing the same thing, and thought this site looked promising, although I haven't taken it for a test drive as of yet.
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