Where to find small footprint SKB-like case for apartment-based outboard gear?
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Where can I find a truly small footprint rack-mount device organizer thing for my outboard music gear?

Basically, I just got rid of a rolling tubular upright thing that was its own piece of furniture because i'm moving to a way smaller apartment. It was housing a big mixer and various outboard devices... I'm getting rid of the big mixer, and I can of course just stack the 6 or 8 spaces of gear i have all right on top of each other on a shelf, but if I need to plug or replug things into the gear, even every couple of weeks, this is going to become a sliding monster pain in the butt.

I traded a guy for a 6 space roto SKB case so I can move the gear safely, but the footprint of the thing is huge just to sit on a shelf over my desk.

Suggestions? I briefly thought about drilling holes in the top of the skb case, attaching it to chains and then hanging it from my ceiling, attached to some kind of lazy susan thing so I can rotate it at will to get at the back, but don't think I'm quite up to that yet. : )
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Well, I don't have any small racks for you (although, depending on your desk, you can probably build one into the desk), but if you really do find yourself needing to plug and replug stuff often, you might want to add a patch bay to the rack so you don't have to access the back of the gear.
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I'd get a couple of 4U racks to go on either side of your monitor. If you're having to plug and replug you should seriously consider getting a 1U patchbay so that you can reroute and plug in conveniently from the front.
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I'm thinking of adapting this into a narrow, vertical rack-thing. It'll involve a bit of math and some elbow grease, but it might fit your needs.
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