Is my macbook screwed or just my wireless?
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My macbook can't find my wireless connection. It was working perfectly for the past three weeks, but now it won't connect (I've only had teh internetz for those three weeks).

I connect using plusnet (in the UK), through a D-link DSL-2640B adsl modem/router, on my almost two year old macbook (running leopard). I have tried resetting the router and airport on my mac; all that happens is that about half a minute after I turn airport back on, the mac finds my router for about 5 seconds, then drops the connection, and can't find it again. I don't think it's the router / wireless actually being pants, as both my iphone and my wii can connect to wireless just fine.

I'm a little stumped, short of thinking that the airport card is dying a death, does anyone have any ideas of what to try, or confirmation indeed that it's time to get a new mac? (on a separate point my screen has started flickering annoyingly again when running off battery, as it did three months after purchase, and I am loath to spend the money to fix it if it's time to get a new computer). I am out of ideas. Oh, in case it matters I am connecting through WPA-PSK and am not broadcasting my SSID

Sorry if this has come up already, I did a search, but couldn't see anyone with the exact same problem I have.
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Response by poster: Well, I still don't know what the problem is, but I just managed to log into my router and changed the broadcast setting to on, and I can now connect. I have changed nothing else, so am very confused, but hey, if it works.
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Failing to broadcast your SSID adds no security, but it does cause assorted kinds of trouble. Live and learn.
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