Anyone know this book?
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Trying to find/remember a childrens book from my childhood (I'm 33) in which there were either hippos or elephants having a run-in with an evil sultan. I think the animals got shoved into a tarpit or something - a bit intense....
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not a book, to my knowledge, but the plot sounds an awful lot like hugo the hippo, a movie that kind of scarred me for life (i saw it during a daycare field trip to the movies, some time between 1986 and 1989).
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Amazing, thats totally it and here it is with complete visual recollection of the cover:

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Just for reference and the googlers, this also sounds a bit like Babar the Elephant. Came to Europe, returned to bring cvilization to the elpahant kingdom, which he came to rule, and he fought a war with the rhinoceros Lord Rataxes in one of the later books. No tarpits, though.
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