DVD player that isn't hostile to end-users?
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Can you recommend an upconverting DVD player with component output that ignores region coding and allows me to perform any action at any time?

Can you recommend an upconverting DVD player that doesn't treat me with active hostility? I'm specifically looking for a player that:

1. Ignores region coding, or can be easily set to ignore region coding without installing new firmware.

2. Never, ever restricts me from fast-forwarding previews/warnings/anti-piracy tirades or skipping to a particular menu.

I can work around these issues by ripping the discs and then re-burning them but this is highly inconvenient.

It would also be nice if the player had all of the usual standard cool things, like digital audio output and some nice pulldown detection, and didn't sound like a jet engine.
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The Oppo DV-980H comes pretty close; the only caveat is that if you want to skip the crap at the start of the disc you have to do it right when the DVD first spins up. I love mine to death.
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My XBox 360 DVD playing features allow me to fass-forward previews, but I don't think it works for warnings and anti-piracy screens.

Ain't technology great? Once DVD got widely adopted, the spam developed between me and my movie.
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2nding the Oppo - love mine to death too. Their cheapie models are even great.
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That Oppo DV-980H seems pretty killer! Thanks!
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The Oppo DV-980H will not upscale CSS-encrypted DVDs over component, only HDMI - the best it'll do is 480i/p NTSC and 576i/p PAL. Pretty much any DVD you can buy is CSS-encrypted.
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I have the older Oppo 970 and it is the best DVD player I've ever owned by a country mile. There's even firmware available that allows you to do 1080i over component.
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jluce50; How's the firmware upgrade done? Is it hard to find the proper firmware and have you tried it on your unit?
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You download an iso file (a CD image) from Oppo and burn it to CD. You put the CD in the tray and follow the directions on screen. Pretty straightforward. Directions are HERE.

HERE is a link to a post on AVSForum that has links to the firmware that allows 1080i over component. If none of the links work send me a MeFi Mail with your email address and I'll send you a copy of it. I was running this firmware for quite a while and everything worked great.
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Note that the firmware upgrade to hack HD over component will work on the 970, 971 and even 983, but it does not work on the 980 because it uses a different Mediatek chipset.

*waits impatiently for 980 hack*
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Thanks so much everyone! It looks like the Oppo is going to be the closest to my requests.

By the way it looks like the term I was looking for is UOP.
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