A video example of joual, please!
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Can anyone recommend me a good video clip (youtube or otherwise) of the Quebecois spoken dialect "joual"? I'd like to show my French-speaking European friends just how different from normal spoken french it is, but I can only speak a few words of it (my normal French is quite good, but I've never lived in Quebec so haven't picked up the slang). I tried the typical search for "joual" and "quebec slang" but didn't find much. Any suggestions?
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Not QUITE joual, but you get a pretty good idea from classic Québec television. La Petite Vie is pretty close to joual. There's a fair bit of it on YouTube.

Elvis Gratton also springs to mind, but he's not really joual, more motormouth.
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tetes a claque!! Tons of quebec-isms in there and fabulous accents galore.
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My favourite part of the movie "Bon Cop Bad Cop" is partly spoken in joual. You can see it here.
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Les Trois Accords are pretty much slang with guitars
And yes, our dear Elvis Gratton is a franco-quebecois canadien.
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Now I want to watch Bon Cop Bad Cop. Thanks, madokachan.
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Oh, yes! -- some of my favourite examples of the fine art of swearing in joual are shown in "Bon Cop, Bad Cop" (which is one of my favourite Canadian-produced films) -- it's been very handy to show to out-of-province friends rather than try to explain it myself...
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That was hilarious.
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merci beaucoup les gens! I always knew there was a really good reason why I should watch good cop bon cop, but I just never got around to it.
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I don't know if it would be considered joual, but the Simpson's movie (Les Simpson) was translated into Québécois French as well as International French. Strong accents with lots of slang.
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Seconding Têtes à Claques! You won't be disappointed...
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