Should I drink it?
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How long would a pitcher of iced tea made from store bought juice crystals last (ie. Nestea) in the fridge?

I made a jug of iced tea from juice crystals about 2 weeks ago and it has been sitting in the fridge (uncovered, if that matters) ever since. Is it safe to drink? My google-fu has failed me. :(
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If you're not sure, then the answer is "no". Don't take the chance. Pour it down the drain.

How much money would you be wasting, anyway? Twenty cents?

And if it has gone bad, and you drink it anyway to save that twenty cents, the penalty is a couple of days of vomiting and the trots. Not a good wager.
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The safe thing to do here is to go with your doubt and not drink it. You might consider making it in serving sizes in the future. You don't indicate that there is much to lose by just pouring it down the sink. Don't stress over the loss, some wasted tea is a small cost for peace of mind.
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Yeah, good point. Down the drain it goes. Thanks. :)
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Too late for you, but for others with the same question, I've drunk ice tea that's been in my fridge twice as long and wouldn't have any qualms about doing so again. (In my case, brewed rather than instant, and loosely covered, but not airtight.) I wouldn't drink your particular ice tea, not because I feared food poisoning from it, but because I think instant ice tea is nasty regardless of whether it's newly made or two weeks old.
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How exactly does refrigerated sugar water go bad?
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How exactly does refrigerated sugar water go bad?

Water that has been sitting out, uncovered, in your fridge is going to have bacteria in it. Give those guys some sugar, and they'll be extra happy. The cold temp in the fridge (and even the freezer) only slows bacterial growth, it doesn't prevent it. The sugar-water not likely going to rot, per se, because it doesn't have the same complex structure to break down like an old tomato would. But it will still have lost of nasty bacteria growing in it that could make you sick if you put them into your GI tract.
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Regardless, if it was uncovered, it would likely taste rank from picking up other aromas from the fridge.
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It's unlikely to go bad in terms of bacteria, but uncovered in the fridge for 2 weeks, it will pick up odors. You're better off to keep it covered. When my homemade iced goes off, it gets a fermented tang.
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Recommended limits

Beverages - 7 to 10 days after opening.
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Does it make any difference if it's soda? Because I've had 2-liter bottles of soda open in my refrigerator for way longer than 2 weeks.
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Corporate drink mixes last for centuries, mixed with water or not. I would drink it no problem.
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