Homeopathic Pain Medication
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What commonly available foodstuffs/herbs are good for pain abation? For putting one to sleep while in pain? These must be available from a supermarket such as Walmart.. (odd question, long story)

Sure, any commonly available place (ie not specialist herbalists).
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I'm currently suffering with neuralgia (v v painful) and the only thing that gives me temporary relief is by chewing on a stick of chewing gum!!! Cheap and cheerful pain relief you may think - but I'm getting through about 3 packs a day!!!

If anyone has any ideas about pain relief I'd be interested to know too
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I mentioned this in ethereal bligh's migraine thread, but Cayenne is supposed to be good for pain (which is probably why all my friends in Louisiana can honestly say they're "feeling no pain"!). I've only just learned about this myself, so I don't have any first-hand experience.

floanna, there are mentions of cayenne in relation to neuralgia, too. You might want to search around and see if there is any info regarding your particular condition.
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Thanks Taz. From that article there is a posibility that Cayanne may help.

"Chronic headaches, including Cluster headaches (a severe one-sided headache that tends to occur in clusters, happening repeatedly every day at the same time for possibly several weeks); for this purpose the capsaicin is placed inside the nose."

Not sure about the insertion into the nose tho....
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believe it or not, I would try exercize, weights, actually, for pain.
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If you put cayanne in your nose, certainly you're likely to forget any other pain for awhile.

Sex is known to relieve arthritis. Perhaps it could help you.

Paying attention to your body might offer some clues. I learned that I can find places to press my fingers that will give some relief to pains in a different place. I suppose its like accupressure, but I'm just guessing. You have to be good at monitoring your body to find the points though.
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I really don't think the cayenne in the nose is such a good idea, either. I wouldn't worry about trying it as a tea, or just plain eating it, or whatever else... But sensitive membranes? eek.
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don't worry - i wasn't going to try the 'cayenne up the nose jobby' as it does sound rather painful and I don't think I can take ANY more pain as it is. God i'm such a wimp.

I might try the reflexology route tho.
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A friend of mine swears by a teaspoon of honey taken before bedtime.
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Peppermint tea is supposed to be good for inflammation (and toothaches). Also, some people swear by squeezing the fleshy part of your hand between thumb and forefinger (something about those feelings canceling out pain elsewhere, but i don't know if it works.) Maybe something from this site?
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