Zulu, no lullabies
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I'm looking for powerful, blasty Zulu-style a capella that is not Ladysmith Black Mambazo or covers of "Wimoweh" (Mbube).

So, I loved the opening of The Lion King, and my favorite oldies song? Well, you can guess. But I've had a hard time finding much other than LBM, and I'm looking for more stuff like this, with a bit more discipline to it.
Help me fill out my musical taste!
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It's got drums and voices, but Babatunde Olatunji might be something you'd like.
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What about Miriam Makeba? I would post a link but this is from my Blackberry in a seminar...
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The search term you want is kwaya.
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or mbube
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or isicathamiya
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check out Corey Harris. he sings mostly blues but he does have a couple songs that might be in the direction you are looking.
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Reminds me of an a capella group from my undergrad: Talisman. Some drums sometimes.
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This song is one of my favorites. A quick glance shows a bunch of other versions on youtube - maybe it will lead you to more treasures.

You might also check out the Kuumba Singers, who have a nice mix of African songs in their repertoire.
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I'm not sure if this falls exactly into your music interests, but Bobby McFerrin's Circlesongs was, to me, an a Capella masterpiece. Listen to an example of Circlesong #2 here. Circlesong #6 (can't find a YouTube link) is my personal favourite from the album.
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Khayelitsha United Mambazo
But, I believe, they are Xhosa, not Zulu, from Cape Town. I know of two albums, "Amphiko" and "Live @ the Waterfront".
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