FEMA-related dramatic tales
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Please recommend some interesting media (specifically articles, books, movies, documentaries, mini-series) about the people working for FEMA.

It can be about the search-and-rescue teams, the Washington corruption angle, the legal or environmental aspects, whatever-- I just want to be captivated by dramatic issues involving the world of Federal Emergency Management.

Just to clarify-- I'm not looking for stories of the victims of natural disasters, but the stories of the people who are attempting to HELP the victims, even on a bureaucratic, Washington DC level. Bonus points for articles/other media that focus on any interesting people working for them! (Hero-types and villain-types are good too.)

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Frontline did an episode on FEMA's response to Katrina. It also had some history on FEMA in general (see sidebar). There was also an article in the NYTimes about a year ago that followed around a FEMA worker, but I can't seem to find it (but in searching the Times' website, I found a reference to this thread!).
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