Alien books.
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There was a book that I remember seeing when I was growing up on fictional extraterrestrial life that I can not now find.

I think I was in the fourth grade when I saw this book. It went in order of the planets in our solar system, with illustrations of (fictional) organisms that inhabit each planet. I also remember that the organisms on either Jupiter or Saturn resembling jellyfish that floated around in the atmosphere.

I'm sorry that I really do not have much more info than that. Anybody know what I'm talking about? What was that book?
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Ooh, I had this. I think it's Our Universe.
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I actually think the illustrations were artist renderings of hypothetical life forms that could exist based on the conditions of each planet.

yellowbinder, I don't think that book has the life forms.
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Yellowbinder is right. Our Universe. I had it too (I might still have it in a box somewhere). I distinctly remember the gasbag lifeform on Jupiter, and the giant-ear-coccoon creature on Mars.
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Huh. I'll go check my local library and see if they have it. I remember obsessing over it in fourth grade, I hope I'll still find it interesting.
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That is it exactly. My wife and I saw that book at our daughter's music school the other day, and we both remarked about how obsessed we were with the book as children. Other creatures include the crystalline Plutonian zistles and the Mercurian firebelchers. It still holds up C17 - great infographics and artwork.
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If you like that sort of thing, I'd recommend Barlowe's Guide to Extraterrestrials.
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Yup, I have Our Universe right here on my shelf. I totally overlooked the "What if..." extraterrestrials (Europa's brinker-roos? With ice skates? Oh, I get it!)
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(from 'Our Universe' as noted. Sorry for the half-baked scan).
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It indeed was Our Universe. I'm surprised that the section I was thinking of is so short, as it was the most vivid memory I had of the book.
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