REAL online degree, not Faux!
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Credible online degree program needed - I want to get a degree in graphic design, but really need to do it online. Any suggestions for a CREDIBLE college to go through? Anybody gotten a degree this way that regrets it? What about those of you that loved it? (I hope this isn't considered chat - I really NEED some help here!)
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I just started a 2nd bachelors with The Academy of Art University. Its been fine so far. Go to They will be VERY helpful if you give them a call. I'm not sure if I prefer the online format to classes in person, but if you have to do things that way, I've found AAU fits everything I need
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oh, and my focus is industrial design, if that matters
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Generally the people I talk to who are considering on-line degrees are people who haven't researched options at brick and mortar colleges in their area. They just assume, for a myriad of reasons, that a "real" college is unfeasible.

Increasingly though it seems that "real" colleges are offering alternative courses - night classes and online courses - so if you haven't researched that, I urge you to do so for two key reasons: 1.) online colleges aren't that cheap to being with, and 2.) any online college degree you receive will always have an air of fakeness about it. No, it's not fair, often you can get an education just as a good as or in some cases better than at a "real" school, but that's just the reality going into the workforce.

You mention "credible" twice - so, just throwing this out there...
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Check out Sessions.
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Savannah College of Art and Design. I went to the brick and mortar school, but their online program is very highly regarded. I had friends who had done a few classes online and they always said it was more work than just going to class.
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One of my best friends got her BS in Graphic Design degree from the Art Institute online. I don't know much about Graphic Design schools but I do know that she has never had any problems getting a job or freelance work. From my work in Recruiting in the High-Tech industry I can say that the times I had to recruit a Graphic Designer, the hiring managers usually didn't care where the applicant graduated from, they just wanted to see their portfolio. I will mention that her resume just says Art Institute, it never mentions that she completed the degree online.
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I went to an Art Institute school (brick and mortar tho) and COMPLETELY regret it. On the other hand, I had few options right out of HS. If I had gone straight to a community college, I probably wouldn't have lasted long enough to transfer. Now, as an adult getting an unrelated degree PT while working FT, NONE of my classes from that school transfer.

Luckily, I don't have student loans from it or I'd be really, really depressed. Not cheap.
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