Help me lift a friend's spirits
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I'm looking for ways to brighten a friend's day(s), using mostly the internet and also my cellphone. Quirky videos. Funny one liners that are only a text message away. Inspirational and moving pieces need apply. Anything goes here, as long as it is tasteful. This is for someone in her early thirties who is going through a rough patch in her life. Thank you.
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Just found this site today and it lifted my spirits.
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The most uplifting thing I've found on the net so far:
Where the hell is Matt?
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Mr. Nice cheers me up every time.
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This is totally going to brighten my day too.

Don't forget the art of a good simple joke, guys.

much appreciated.
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I love McSweeney's Lists
A A cute cat brightens everyone's day
and who doesn't love to get a postcard from your mom?
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A friend, who I rarely get to see, texted me "smile!" a while back. It was enough to brighten my day.
A few days later he texted, "keep on smiling!" and that totally made me laugh and feel happier.
Over the next few weeks he would randomly text a really short smile phrase (did you smile today, are you smiling, I'm smiling, etc.) and it definitely lifted my spirits.

What made it extra awesome though was that I was not in a bad part of my life. I was actually quite content, the text messages just made everything better.
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Ze Frank's Collection of Videos that Will Make You Feel Better.

Also, songs for when you're anxious, or scared.
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If your friend remembers the days of modems ...

"Hey, don't shoot that postal worker! *BANG* NO CARRIER"
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Every time I feel grumpy, I cheer myself up with Bert and John-John:

"Why you lost your paper clips?"
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I don't know if you can mail things to her or give them to her.. but my friend always printed pictures of famous people and pretend to thank me for writing a fan letter to them.
My favourite of his was Casey Kasem. "Casey" thanked me for the fan letter and the wonderful turkey pot pie recipe included.
I still have it on my wall and it brightens my day. It was just a ridiculous, random thing that makes me so happy.. even 4 years after I first received it.
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I like to send my boyfriend random photos--usually based on inside jokes or recent conversations or just some random awesome photo I find.

I always save them as attachments and put a vaguely related subject line so it's a surprise as soon as he clicks on the e-mail, rather than then forcing him to click on a URL with the knowledge I sent him something cute.
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Some of these are more in the happy-sad continuum.

Carpark North's "Human" -- manages to not make the kid actors small adults and avoids exploitation, just amazing

Sigur Ros "Glósóli", a dream narrative that defies expectations at every moment

Almost any Arcade Fire, but especially Wake Up or Rebellion (Lies) again with the kids theme, sue me

More kids -- I must have a complex where I cannot imagine adult happiness -- in Bugsy Malone, esp. Bad Guys and You Give a Little Love

Rescue many horses The Netherlands Nov. 2006 - okay, there are some colts in this one. It's sappy beyond belief, but the Vangelis is just right an d perfectly fitted to the "action"
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