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I am looking for the perfect nomadic traveling gear. I am a graphic designer, medic, gardener and have just finished a seasonal medical gig and am free till March. I want to live out of 2 bags, right now I have a Mac Book Pro, a 500 gig external firewire hard drive, an ipod 30 gig, a Brenthaven bag, a Nikon D-70 (a little large).

I am shopping for a Toyota Tacoma, some speakers that will lie flat and fit into my bag, an iphone and possibly a graphics tablet, and a bag for all my clothes. Also have my Australian Cattle Dog coming along for the ride (my best friend, but what a pain in the neck and he doesen't drive). Any suggestions?
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So wait, what do you want from us? Suggestions on where to get a Toyota Tacoma, speakers, an iPohne, graphics tablet, and bag?

Where are you located?

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If you're buying a pickup truck, it doesn't really sound like you need to live out of two bags. Maybe you could explain your problem a bit more.
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This website might give you some ideas:

Especially this list of gear:

Have a blast!
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You should get uncorrelated backup for your data. (Otherwise, you could lose it all in even a minor accident.) If you anticipate having relatively frequent access to cheap Internet, you can back up over the Internet (you should set this up in advance). Alternatively, you can mail physical backups to a dropbox somewhere.
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Sorry if I confused anyone, I am looking for the perfect gear, the perfect bag, the perfect speakers, the perfect tablet, any ideas on what is good. Not where I can purchase, I can do that, just a list of perfect nomadic gear.

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will you be boarding any planes? do you need travel on size bags?
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I meant "carry on."
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I heartily recommend a look at Tom Bihn Bags, which are really, really well made and should do you well.

Carwise.... dunno.
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