Is my cactus sick?
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My cactus has developed a couple of lesions on its body and all along its base (where it enters the soil). They look like brown, dry patches. I have been keeping it in the window sill at all times and I've only watered it twice in the 5 weeks that I've owned it. Does anyone know what these lesions are? Is my cactus sick? Is there any way that I can save it?
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Looks like corky scab, which is caused by poor living conditions: not enough sunlight, too much ambient humidity, overwatering or a combination of all of the above. The patches on its body aren't too much of a concern (just unsightly) but the ring around the base can eventually cause the cactus to topple off its root system if the growing conditions aren't corrected.

So, less water, more sunlight, ideally outside.
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" I've only watered it twice in the 5 weeks that I've owned it."

"Only?" That sounds like an awful lot of water for a cactus, well over twice as much as any I've had would take. Make sure it's getting lots of direct sunlight and much, much less water.
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