Mobile-to-POTS convertor?
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How do I hook up a mobile phone to a regular, POTS "hard phone"? Most of the time, I'm at home and it would be easier for me to use a regular, large-size telephone instead of craning my neck to try to use the little mobile phone that I have. If it matters, I'm in the USA and have Sprint.
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Methinks you want Google's free Grand Central service
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GrandCentral is great, if you can get it. I understand that it is closed to new members for now.

If you've never tried a headset for your mobile phone, you should try it. I think you will probably find it more convenient and comfortable than even using a traditional telephone handset.
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There is a device called the Phonelabs Dock-N-Talk that allows you to dock your cellphone (or use bluetooth) and then use all of your existing hard-wired landline phones to make/receive calls through your cellphone. When the cellphone is docked, you can pick-up a regular extension and you'll receive a dial-tone through your cellphone. When a call comes in on your cellphone, your landline phones will ring. You can either cancel your landline service, or use both. It's hard to explain, so read their FAQs.

I've never used the product, so YMMV. There are reviews online if you care to find them.
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I don't have Bluetooth, and the Port-O-Rotary and Dock-N-Talk are exactly what I was looking for but unfortunately they may be a little out of my price range: the inconvenience of the cell phone is less expensive to me than . Grand Central is cool too— I reserved a phone number, but we'll see when/if it comes through.

I may just buy the retro handset, since that is more in line with how much money I have right now. It's not quite what I was looking for but it seems to be more affordable.
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I don't understand how a wired hands-free kit doesn't solve this problem more elegantly than anything else that's been proposed here... you really want some big hunk of plastic that you can rest between your shoulder and one ear?
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autojack: yes
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Here is a cheaper solution to Dock-N-Talk for cell phones with bluetooth. This $80 set comes with a base that can be paired to a cell phone. And you can add multiple phones to work off the same base.

Cell fusion.

Any phone in the system can receive and place calls through the cell paired to the base. I've been using it for a month. This is especially handy if you still have a hard line (or VOIP) and a cell in the house, because you can use the same phones for both.
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Graveyard Mall has a similar handset currenlty for $1.99 + shipping.
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