How can I plug lots of blocky power cords into fewer surge protectors?
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Looking for very short extension cords. [mi]

Almost everywhere I go (like, for example, behind my own desk :) ), people have multiple chained surge protectors just because the bricks from their printer & scanner & router & DSL modem & etc. take up so much room on them. I remember reading about short (4-6 inch) extension cords designed specifically to keep power bricks from taking up multiple slots on a surge protector while not adding feet of useless cord. Unfortunately, I can't find them anywhere, and I've long forgotten the original source. Bonus points for bulk suppliers or short dual-brick cords.
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You're going to want some of these.
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These guys will make them any length you want.
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I've been using this model from Radio Shack.
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Wow, 3 great answers in a 1/2 hour. In a way, that makes it harder. I'm definitely going to shoot those Kord King guys an email even though they look a bit too high-volume for a freelancer like me. Thanks all.
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Or you can buy some cord and ends at your local hardware store and make your own.
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*reads question from boaz*

*peeks under desk at chain of power strips*

*discovers solution to previously unnoticed problem*

Thanks, AskMetafilter!
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rhapsodie has the answer. Check the extension cord isle of your hardware store. It is often cheaper to buy the wire already as an extension cord and cut it up for your needs than to buy it buy the foot. Plus you get one each male and female end for free.

When your wiring up the plugs black goes to brass, white goes to silver and green goes to green. Or Green goes to the round ground plug, white goes to the wide flat plug and black goes to the narrow flat plug. If you don't have black use what ever is not green or white.

This is all assuming your in NA. If you aren't running 120/1ph all bets are off.
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