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Is there a free flash mp3 player that I can place in a directory on a web server and have it automatically make a playlist of the contents of that directory and play them?

I basically want something that emulates a standard directory listing on IE or safari but allows you to play the flies that are mp3s via flash.

-support for subdirectories would be nice
-ability to download files
-it would also be nice if it wasn't ugly
-wav support
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I don't know if this will meet all of your requirements, or any, but you can use a php script from to generate an xml playlist of mp3 files, which can be fed into a flash-based media player.

I'm currently using a similar script to create on the fly playlists for FLV files with the JW Player.
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argh. I meant the JW Player!
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Best answer: What pipco said.

Or, alternately, you can use php or whatever to list all files in a directory as links, and use playtagger to play them.
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Response by poster: opendir php script plus playtagger was the answer
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