Yet another NYC restaurant request, but with details!
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Yet another NYC restaurant recommendation request: Taking ~15 colleagues out to dinner, walking from Times Square (46th&Broadway), looking to spend $20-30 per head, and be able to make a same-day reservation. Tall order, but bonus points for an NYC experience not available in Toronto/Montreal.

Recommendations so far include Wu Liang Ye (48th between 5th-6th)... but even that's right on the edge of walking distance. I know it's lame and we should go to Downtown/Brooklyn/Uptown/anywhere else, but please help!
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As no one has responded here yet you might also want to ask on Chowhound's Manhattan board. Questions like this are frequently asked and answered there.

Unfortunately my very meager (but generally positive) experience at Wu Liang Ye 86 (their Upper East Side location) probably will not be of much help.
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The edge of walking distance is 3 blocks? What??

15 people is a tall order for any place that is unique to NYC, especially on the same day. 20-30 a head probably won't score you a private party access (especially if you want drinks) to any unique restaurant. I personally don't have any recommendations for a spot that will work for you but you could try and search for places taht take reservations, are good for groups, and are in manhattan.
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If 3.5 blocks isn't walking distance, how close do you need to be to 46th and Broadway?

You can use Open Table to find restaurants who will accept reservations for your group on the night you have in mind; they do arrange for same-day reservations.
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Just wanted to add that your price of $20-$30 a head is going to be tough in Times Square unless a casual restaurant (like a deli or diner) without liquor is okay. Generally speaking, an average appetizer in an average restaurant is going to be $7, an alcoholic drink is $7, a soda is $3, a salad is $8 - $12, a pasta entree is $12 - $16, a meat entree is $15 - $22 (not counting top-notch stuff like filet mignon), and dessert would be $6 - $10.
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Are you going to a show after? This makes a huge difference. You have a better chance of scoring a reservation for that large a group if it is at 8:15 or 8:30.

And xo is correct. $20-$30 a head is if it's a one course meal with a soft drink in Times Square. Would you consider going to a BBQ place and you order family style instead of individual plate?
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Echoing others - reconsider your walking distance, and pounce on OpenTable.
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The only thing I can think of in that price range is John's Pizzeria which is vaguely NY-ish because it's NY style pizza. Not the best pizza in town but very convenient to your location.

I've seen them do large groups before on the upper level with a buffet. Not sure that they can do on such short notice so I'd call ASAP.

John's Pizzeria - Times Square
260 W 44th St
New York, NY 10036-3900
Phone: (212) 391-7560
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I think this may come a bit late, but consider it a recommendation for the future.

Carmine's. Almost on the corner of 44th and Broadway. EXCELLENT Italian food, the entrees are in the mid $20s, but portions are large enough to eat family style (depending on the level of familiarity among your coworkers, this may be a bit uncomfortable).

I was able to get same-day reservations each of the four times I've eaten there, but I always ate a bit earlier in the day (4 or 5pm).

Highly recommend the lemon chicken (Chicken Scallopine w/ Lemon & Butter). Heaven on a plate.
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Response by poster: Ended up going to Hell's Kitchen (the mexican restaurant). Crowded with 24 people, but incredibly tasty. Thank you for the advice.
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