Where to store a U-Haul truck in Las Vegas?
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Where in the Las Vegas area can I safely keep a U-Haul truck stored overnight that I've packed full, in anticipation of leaving the next morning? I am coming from out of town, loading up a storage unit, and will be staying at a hotel, but uncomfortable leaving the fully packed truck in the hotel parking lot overnite. Thanks!
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Can you ask the manager if you can back it next to a wall?
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Yeah, I'd back it against a wall and disable it somehow - remove some vital fuses or something from the engine (Rotor arm was favourite in the early days, but it may not even have one, now).

If you don't know how to do this, ask someone to show you the various bits you could use, or read the manual in the case of fuses, before you leave. You can disable a vehicle pretty quickly if you know how to, and the wall prevents anyone getting in the back except the truly determined, and I think you are more likely to be needing to consider opportunists.
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Huh, we did this very same thing a few years back. Parked at the Tropicana, where we were staying, and had no problems.
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I would think the hotel parking lot is about a safe a place as you'll find. It's probably well lit and there should be a fairly steady stream of traffic in and out.
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Which hotel?

Seconding backing against a wall regardless.
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If nothing else, contact a storage company that has locked gates and cameras and someone on site. It might be worth a month's storage fee to protect your things.

There are Public Storage companies and Self Storage facilities there.

What about using a KOA Campground? Maybe they will have some answers.
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If you're at one of the larger casinos, I'd say the parking lot is pretty safe - especially the indoor parking structure, if the truck fits there. They usually have security guards and lots of people coming and going at all hours.

Otherwise I'd call some local U-Haul offices - they're very helpful, and have a vested interest in keeping their truck safe, so I wouldn't be surprised if one of them would let you park it there (and some U-Haul offices are also self storage places with secure lots.)

Padlock the back of the truck.
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I've parked a large 24' U-Haul truck in nearly every major city in the country. Usually, the hotel you're staying at will be able to accommodate trucks like yours (assuming you have a 24 foot straight truck or 15 foot cube truck). Call ahead and make sure you know exactly where you can park and if there's a fee. If the hotel has a parking staff, find out who will be there overnight, meet them, shake their hand and tip that person $10 ($20 is better) and thank them for keeping an eye on your truck.

If the hotel won't let you park your truck there, other hotels in the vicinity may have truck parking and will usually charge you a parking fee.

As a last resort, you can always park in a nearby supermarket parking lot with two caveats: 1. make sure it's a 24 hour supermarket and 2. make sure you speak with the night manager of the supermarket. Explain your situation and casually offer them $10 or $20 if they'd let you park there. In my experience, they'll usually refuse the money and offer to help you. Back the truck up against the closest light post near the store entrance. In the morning, you'll have to wake up early and move the truck towards the outer fringe of the lot as a courtesy.

If you can't back the truck up to a wall, at least back it up to a light post or a tree. Getting a padlock on the back (and if you have a long truck, one for the side door too) is vital. You'll need one of the long neck padlocks, make sure it fits before you wind up far away from a hardware store.

Good luck with your move.
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I've done this several times during my moves. I just told the hotel to put me in a room up front, facing the road, and with good lighting. I put a padlock on the back (key, not combo) and pulled off the wiring to the coil. Never had a problem.
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