Marriage counselor in Atlanta
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Can anyone help me find a good marriage counselor in the Atlanta, Ga area?
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I don't have any Atlanta-specific suggestions but I can point you towards the profiles on Psychology Today which are really helpful. They are self-written by counsellors / therapists so you can get a decent feel for what they might be like as a person and therapist. It will also provide information about their theoretical background, areas of focus, etc. I would also encourage you to have a long-ish conversation with them on the phone before going into the office. One of the most important aspects of finding a good therapist is feeling really comfortable with them as a person which will lead to greater openness, etc. Good luck to you.
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You can also find counselors by buying a couple of marriage counseling type books and then checking to see if any of the books that use methods you like have "approved counselors" for your area. I am a huge fan of all John Gottman books and there also folks that use the method from the Getting the Love You Want books. Most of the authors of these books have institutes and can refer you to a local therapist.
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