Can I charge a digital camera battery from America in a different country?
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Can I charge a digital camera battery from America in a different country?

I'm thinking of buying this camera from Amazon and having it shipped to me in New Zealand. However one thing I can't figure out (as I know next to nothing about digital cameras) is whether I would be able to use the battery charger for it here in New Zealand, as the voltage is different between the USA and NZ. Does anyone know offhand if this is a problem, and if so a workaround for it? Thanks!
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That comes with the CB-2LV battery charger, which operates on AC 100 - 240v, 50 - 60Hz.
You will need to get an adaptor because the plug physically won't fit (New Zealand evidently uses funny diagonal plugs). But electrically you'll be fine.
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Offhand, I'd say about 90% of the wall-wart style power adapters I've used in the past few years have been dual voltage: they'll take either 120 or 240V AC quite happily, and produce the same output either way. (Many are 100-240V input.)

I've occasionally come across a few PSUs that don't offer this, though they're rare and tend to be for oddball equipment. The last few cameras I've bought (including a Canon, but a different model), mobile phones, and computers have all had universal supplies.

I don't think there's any way to tell in advance, but you'll be able to tell just by looking at the adapter -- it'll have the input voltages printed on it. If it's 120-only you'll need to get a transformer (I would expect a fairly cheap item), but I'd wager it won't be the case. If it's 120/240 you'll just need an adapter to physically convert the plug prongs.
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It shouldn't be a problem. The charger will usually explicitly state what voltages it works with. My Canon chargers all have "100-240v AC 50/60Hz" listed on them, meaning that it'll work fine. You'll just have to buy a US to NZ adapter for the plug.
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The battery charger is set for 100-220 volts, so you can charge it in North America, Europe and NZ (and elsewhere). You will probably need an adapter from the US two prong plug to whatever you use in NZ but I would assume you can get one easily enough from an electrical store in NZ. I live in the US and have bought two for friends in the UK and both use them without problem.
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All you need is an adaptor to handle the different sockets.

See this guide on the voltage, plugs and sockets used in AC power across the globe.
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Response by poster: Sweet, thanks all! Camera ordered!
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