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Ok, Chicago mefites...what are your suggestions for bars near Wicker Park/Bucktown/Logan Square that have a reasonably chill atmosphere, accessible pool tables, and reasonable drink prices?

It's been a while since my girlfriend and I have been out on a Friday night. So this Friday, I'm looking for somewhere we can go to shoot a few games of pool (she's good, I'm not), have a few (or more) drinks, and generally have a good time until odd hours of the night.

I live up Logan Square way so I'm looking for something down the general Milwaukee Ave corridor. Any and all suggestions welcome. I've done the looking on citysearch, Metromix, Google Local, etc. but I'm really looking for a bar with pool tables, not the other way around.
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The Map Room has free pool and one of the best beer selections in the area.
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The table fills up at the Map Room pretty quickly. I can't think of a lot of places, but there are a couple of tables in the basement of the Double Door. Sweet Alice's on Milwaukee had a table, but I think I heard that they've closed down.
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seconding the map room but perhaps not on a friday night, as the frat boys invade galore. the empty bottle is cute but a bit further away. pool, decent drink-prices and shows.
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I second the Map Room, but I do think it's best enjoyed on a weeknight or afternoon--it does, as said upthread, fill up fast.
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Club Foot, definitely. Perhaps better during the week. Shame 1056 is no longer around.
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Inner Town Pub, but you want to get there early before it's overly crowded.
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The Flat Iron (formerly known as the Note) is A-OK.
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Is there a pool table at Quenchers?
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Response by poster: No table at Quenchers last I checked. Too bad because that's stumbling distance from me. damn dirty ape, I may take your suggestion. Last place we played was Timothy O'Toole's in Streeterville...nothing says fun like $6 beers.
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If Quenchers is stumbling distance, then so is the Mutiny. There will probably be a band on a Friday night, but no cover. Liar's Club also has a pool table upstairs, and that's down at Fullerton and Ashland/Elston.
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Speaking of places on Fullerton, Fireside has a table. When you get tired of pool, you can switch it up to bowling.
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There is never a cover at The Mutiny, bands(you get what you pay for) almost every night and they have gigantic cheap draft beers. A place that won't be crowded before midnight on Friday is Nick's, it's a 4am bar so it usually doesn't get that packed til the other bars close and there's a pool table.
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Lemmings is good too.
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