Warm (and Stained) Leatherette
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Faint but visible blue handprint on white leatherette couch...help me, Heloises!

We bought this sofa (photo here) precisely because we knew it would be easy to clean. So far, it has been.

However, this weekend, we discovered a blue-green handprint that we suspect is either from one of our contractors or from ink transferred from sweat on a green throw pillow. Either way, we're not sure what the handprint is made of, but it appears to be permanent.

Having been an organic chemist in a previous life, I tried and failed to remove it using: a Magic Eraser, hair spray, and soap & water. I avoided acetone, as I suspected it might dissolve the sofa fabric.

What I want to know is simple: What leatherette/vinyl cleaners will remove the stain safely? I would really like to hear ONLY from people who have used the products they recommend, not generic like-dissolves-like speculation--I want to keep the sofa intact.
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three parts methanol to 1 part acetic acid removes all kinds of blue stains ( giemsa and hematoxylin) from lab coats. It's not safe for cottons ( leaves a hole), but it should be fine for vynil.
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The site has a list of the manufacturers which might be helpful - I don't know if you looked into this as being viable - but they might know something about this particular material and the best way to clean it.
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Found this from the University of Michigan Extension. They seem to think Alcohol should be tried next.
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Rubbing Alcohol or Murphy's Oil Soap diluted 1/2 and 1/2. Took soot from a burned apartment out of a leather/vinyl couch.
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