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Is there a LibraryThing-ish website with a better interface? Like more Netflix-ish, I can do single-click "add to my library" (or wish list or whatever) anytime I see a title? Or check boxes instead of one title at a time?

Even if I use Delicious Library or something to scan my home library, there are lots of books I have read that I don't own. I really want the suggestions! But (as with Pandora and music-recc sites) I have read a lot of the books I am getting suggested and it is pretty cumbersome to add them to my library from that screen.
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I think there's a librarything toolbar or firefox plugin or something where you can click a button while viewing a book's page to have that book automatically added to your librarything account. I know I used this tool a few years back, but once I had my library set up, I've lost track of it.

I also bought a cuecat barcode scanner for a couple of bucks on ebay and used that to scan in the ISBN barcode, letting librarything fill in the rest.
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GoodReads is an alternative.
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winston's (probably) talking about a bookmarklet listed in Librarything's tools. It's #7 on the left. However, I think that's currently broken.

There are a couple of user written tools that allow you to do this:

LibraryThingSelect: Firefox extension that lets you select text on any page and add it to your LT catalog.

Add from anywhere: search plugin for IE7/Firefox that basically does the same thing.

I haven't used either of these, so I can't actually vouch for them, but that thread is from July of this year, so they're at least up to date. You will have to select a default source the first time you use one.
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Well, look at that! I came to pimp my own workaround(s), and natabat beat me to it. So I offer a slightly more convenient direct link (to the "Add Book to LT" search plugin).
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