Mac-compatible USB speaker/mic for Skype?
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Mac-compatible USB speakerphone for Skype use?

I am piloting the use of Skype as my main phone resource.

I have an apparently excellent headset (Jawbone 2) coming my way but will need a speakerphone at some point.

Polycom manufactures this ( but it's software-dependent and PC only.

Does anyone know of a USB-connecting lightweight Skype-compatible speakerphone solution for home office that plays nice with Mac OS X? Do not want to get an entire phone/handset unit, looking for small footprint--perhaps something even portable.
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I've got a Logitech something-or-other that works great. Any name brand USB headset should work fine. Just make sure it's USB and not mic/headphone jack.
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Do you mean one of these?,en

I always assumed those were one-way mics, but perhaps that's all I really need since Skype audio pushes out your computer speaker/hookup anyway?

This might solve it, in that case. Curious to hear from others!
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I looked into the Logitech QuickCall speakerphone, but it, like the Polycom version, is PC-only. Anyone figured out a good solution here? Otherwise, I'm going to make do with a microphone and audio-out through my computer's speakers.
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