Boston-based medical journal?
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Looking for the name of a Boston-based medical journal that specializes in narrative feature stories about new and interesting stuff in the world of medicine.

They exist, they're flush, and they contacted me once and asked me to write for them, but since then my email and address book got wiped out. Anyone know this mag?
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Could it be the New England Journal of Medicine?
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No, it's much glossier. I'd actually never heard of it before, and was amazed to find they paid so well. Like, comparable with glossies. I think they may be backed by a big institution...
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Are you thinking of Health Leaders?
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I'm afraid not. It was less policy stuff, more narrative driven. Rats.
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List of medical journals may help.
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Ulrich's International Periodicals Directory can probably help you. For active medical publications based out of Boston, there are 49 results - here are the ones that seem most likely to be it.

New Medical Therapies (a variety of sub-publications under this name) seems to be the one that matches. Here are the others (from the search results) that could possibly be it:

Advances in Disease Surveillance
Centerwatch Monthly/Weekly
Linacre Quarterly
Nephrology Rounds
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