How to get an iWorks serial number in Romania?
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How the hell can I get an iWorks serial number so that I can save documents, while I'm here in Romania?

I have iWorks at home (in America) on my computer, which has legally purchased iWorks '06 on it. I bought a new laptop for travel and have taken it with me to Romania. In doing so, I copied all my software stuff from my home computer, including iWorks. Unfortunately, I failed to bring my iWorks '06 password with me - so now I can't save changes to iWorks documents or create new ones. So, I purchased a new, '08 version online, using my location as America, since that's where I live, and Romania was not an option. Despite the claim that this was how I could obtain a serial number, it turns out it was simply a means of me ordering a new, physical box of iWorks '08 - no serial number comes to me online. The physical package is going to my place in America, where I have no means of anyone retrieving it for me, and in any case it would take ages to get to me here in Romania even if someone could send it. Consequently, I now have TWO legally purchased verison of iWorks and no serial number where I am. There is no Apple Store in Romania, and I am desperate. What to do?

I desperately need this to do and save my arduous work here!
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Try calling Apple. 1-800-my-apple. (Not sure if that number works from Romania.) In any case, they should be able to confirm some information from you and help you out. Good luck!
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If calling apple does not work, why not just use google documents or open office or some other free alternative until you get back home? You may even find you like one of them and this will enable you to sell on your unopened iWork.
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Thanks, but 1-800 numbers won't work for Romania . . . it was my first thought.
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Here is a listing of Apple tech support phone numbers. Maybe one of these will work from where you are? I tried searching for a local/intl number, but apparently it is not published.

According to this person you can use Skype to call the 800 number when not in the US.
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Um, you have no friends in the US who could call Apple with your information?
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Thanks, but 1-800 numbers won't work for Romania . . . it was my first thought.

They will if you call from skype.
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