Whose line *IS* it, anyway?
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On the 100th episode of [the Drew Carey edition of] Whose Line is it, Anyway?, "Scenes From a Hat" was played. Colin said something that was bleeped twice. Would anyone know what that might have been?

During this game of "Scenes From a Hat," Drew pulled "things that will get bleeped by the censors" out of the hat. Colin came out, and while I don't know what he said because it was bleeped (obviously), it looked like he was mouthing "air-fuck-fuck" or something. The next suggestion was "outtakes from the 100th episode of WLII,A?, and Colin came out and said the same thing. Does anyone happen to know what he said? This was just on ABC Family in reruns (yay late-night channel chasing!), but I've seen it before and wondered, and this reminded me. Any help, if available, would be greatly appreciated.
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According to IMDB (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0163507/quotes), "Here, Pussy" may be tne answer.
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Seconding applesurf. You can see it at about the 3 minute mark here and it looks like "Here, Pussy" to me too.
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Looking at it again (thanks for the link, cabingirl), I do believe you are both correct. Thanks guys.
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