Swishing LED metronome?
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Does anyone know of a "Swishing LED metronome"?

I'm looking for a metronome for a friend, who has described it as:
"A box (possibly coloured red) with an LED at the front, which sweeps (left-right-left) in time."

I think he said he saw Sting's drummer use one at a concert.

I've been looking around for quite a while, and I've found some old sweeping metronomes (Casio), but nothing quite like he described.

Any advice would be appreciated.
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Never seen a metronome like that, but there is a cylon-looking rackmount tuner by Korg that has a red LED which sweeps back and forth. Maybe for tuning drums?
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Is this it? the only reference I can find to is that myspace page. (found that from a "what is the metronome that bjork uses" post somewhere).
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Sounds sort of like a Russian Dragon, although I'm having no luck finding a picture of one online.
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Some like this from Matrix or this have a line of LEDs up top that sort of swish back & forth to the beat. FWIW I like them a lot for music practice (and for students) because it gives you a visual cue as to when the beat is coming, as opposed to the typical LED metronome that just blinks momentarily right on the beat & is dark otherwise. Particularly at slow tempos, that leaves you (quite literally) in the dark about what is going on between the beats.

FWIW my percussionist friends seem to swear by/at this type (Dr Beat), which does a lot of rhythmic tricks, but if there is swishing done by that type it is the swishing of LCDs, not LEDs.
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How about the WSM - 200 Intelligent Metronome Series? (scroll down)

"Vertical beat motion (LED light) emulates conductors baton, with emphasis on principal beat."

Photo here (unlit).

How did I find it? Did a GIS for "LED metronome" and on the third page I found a non-rotary one.
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These are pretty common on metronome/tuners, as the fake-needle display is already there to show cents sharp or flat. Although I don't know how many of these are LEDs.
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