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I think my nuvaring is improving my complexion. true?

I have not had any success with hormonal birth control clearing up acne in the past, but I've just realized that my skin is much much better, even in the humid summer months, and I'm wondering if I can credit the nuvaring?
Has anyone else had the same experience?
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very true!
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The pill is supposed to help some people clear up acne (anecdotally I've found this to be true.) So, I say the nuvaring probably does, too.
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Very, very possible. Certain hormone formulations work better for some people.
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yeah it happens
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NuvaRing has a lower dose of hormones than any of the Pills, so if you're estrogen sensitive that may be helping. Also, the steady regularity of the hormone delivery could be helping too. Whenever I missed a pill and had to double up, I always broke out a few days later. (I once left my NuvaRing out for 4 hours, and also paid the price with a breakout.) Enjoy the benefits!
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I had a similar experience. Unfortunately, I also had every other side effect.
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yup, anecdotally for me too (not the Nuvaring but the combined pill). Made me batshitinsane depressed and also gave me beautiful skin.
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Could be, but unfortunately my acne's gotten worse (Yasmin helped my skin, Nuvaring made it go back to normal, I guess). I think I'm going off of it, though, because the localized side effects suck.
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