"it's getting very hot, we'd like to get out now..."
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Short public access film: man asks eggs if they want to go for a swim, but they're too cold in the pan of water, so he turns the heat up, and they start to scream. What was this?

I've been terrorizing my friends and family with the memory of this half-remembered clip for years. Please help me find it.

What I remember most is that it's clearly one guy holding the camera and doing all the voices. It's the eggs' happy little falsetto "Oh Yes Please!" response to the "Would you like to go for a swim?" question that really stuck with me. I'd really like to know how it ended.

I think it might've been featured on the show Manhattan Cable, which aired in the UK in 1991.
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I don't know, but it sounds funny. Would love to see it.
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