Where should my motorcycle and I go?
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Oh hell yeah, I got a motorcycle! I live in DC, and even though I can get anywhere I need to go on the metro + bicycle I'm going to use it to commute. Because that's awesome. But, what kinds of things can I do that I couldn't before? I've always lamented lack of access to a car (zipcars are expensive) and I love taking motorcycle trips, so what are some of your must-see destinations in the DC area (within 200 miles)?

It's going to get cold soon, so I'd like to get a few weekend trips in to see the leaves changing and enjoy the great outdoors. Even so, I'm totally fine with riding in the biting wind if it lands me somewhere cool.

So, as someone who's lived here (on and off) for four years and just now has a means of reliable transportation, where would you suggest I go? Destinations welcome, but I'm also looking for drives that are great on a motorbike.
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Skyline drive is a favorite haunt for bikers looking for a solid ride. Be careful though, there are some sharp turns. I understand that they pull a handful of bikes out of the trees every year.
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I haven't lived in DC and I don't own a motorcycle, but I've always wanted to get a motorcycle for the sole purpose of exploring the Blue Ridge Parkway.
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The bonus is now you can pickup biker babes.

I've always thought it would be fun to a long road trip on a bike. Just bring cash and a some sleeping gear. Tho first I need to get a bike.
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Definitely drive down Georgetown Pike in McLean/Langley. Long straight aways, curvy roads at times, and thick forests. Warning about traffic though; don't go near rush hour.
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Not quite answering your question but you can get a heated vest and/or heated grips to keep you warm even when its cold out to extend your riding season.
Keep the shiny side up!
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Solomons Island is a nice little community on the bay with great restaurants and beautiful scenery.
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The George Washington Parkway is the prettiest drive in the local area, imo, and I see a lot of bikers on it too. Start where the parkway starts at 495 to the west, and ride east/southeast through Arlington, Alexandria, and down to Mount Vernon along the Potomac. I find it very restful, (except for the part through Old Town Alexandria, which can be crowded).
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Asylum is the local biker bar. They have Vegan Wings. You've seen all the bikes parked in front of it when you go through Adams Morgen on 18th.
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My favorites:

Harper's Ferry. I hear the tubing is great in the Summer, but I never got around to trying that.

Old Rag. A challenging but beautiful hike.

The various outdoors meetup groups often often go to these places. It's fun.
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I'll second Solomons Island. It's maybe a 1.5 hour ride south on Rt. 4--a straight shot. (Don't expect much of an island, though...it feels more like a peninsula. You'll miss the fact that you've crossed a bridge if you blink.)

Also, I recommend the eastern shore. I've camped at Assateague National Seashore a few times. It's about 150 miles away from D.C.
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Oops...that last link takes you to Chincoteague, VA. Here's Assateague.

Oh, and Rt. 6 in Southern Maryland is really nice. This is Amish country. One possible route.
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I don't drive, so I can't tell you specific roads, but the ones that run in and around Rock Creek Park are very twisty and pass through excellent scenery.

Seconding Skyline Drive and the Blue Ridge mountains (ever see donnie darko? go find that place).

Maybe do Rolling Thunder when it comes to town?
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There is a raceway just over the WV border that you should look in to, but I can't remember it's name.
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I would say Harper's Ferry, Skyline Drive, Old Rag, Solomon's Island.

Especially Harper's and Skyline.
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