Laptop Brick Quick!
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Random shot-in-the-dark-question: A laptop brick for a 4-year old Thinkpad on short notice outside of Boston? I just checked into my hotel, realized I forgot my power brick, I have an hour of battery life - help! Thinkpad t41, a fast solution appreciated. Thank you!
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Where exactly "outside of Boston"? I don't know if the Geek Squad does after hours house calls for batteries, but they might. Also, call the front desk of your hotel - they may suggest a better solution, or have a business office they can open for you, or lend you a backup.
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Radio Shack should carry an iGo product with a tip that will fit a T41.
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I would try Boston Craigslist - place a wanted ad in the "Computers" section and see what happens. I did a quick search in that category for Thinkpad T41 and Thinkpad Adapter and didn't notice any AC adapters but you might see something I missed.

I think if you mention this is an emergency some kind soul might help you out.

If this fails, you might try check Office Depot (many OD's carry Lenovo stuff) or Best Buy for a generic adapter.

Good luck!
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I had the same problem in Boston with my X61. One quick trip to RadioShack later, I had power via an iGo kit. I was also about $110 poorer.
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T41's have the MOST common power adapter ever! Most machines from T20-T40 have the same power adapter (x series too).
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Ask at the front desk. Hotels collect hundreds of left-behind laptop and cell phone accessories.
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Staples sells a universal power adapter made by Targus for around $80 that has tons of tips for various computers. I'm using one right now with my Dell, and looking at the little baggie of tips, I'm pretty sure there's one in there for the T-series ThinkPads.

They also sell one for $130 that works in a car or on a plane, but according to the guy I bought mine from, both the $80 (AC only) and $130 (AC and DC) adapters are normal-stock items.
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My SO recently forgot his power adaptor on a business trip and I fedexed it to his hotel. Next morning delivery cost about $45, which was cheaper than buying a replacement.
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These are indeed extremely common. My 10 year old 380XD uses the same adapter. Maybe you can find a thinkpad on craigslist, broken or whatever, that has an adapter for $50?
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If you are in Boston visiting one of the universities, the campus computer store almost definitely sells ThinkPad power adapters. Might be cheaper than buying a universal adapter.
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Everything except T60 and later uses the same adapter. If the velcro strap is grey, it won't work; if it's black, it will.
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Not everything. My ThinkPad G40 used a different 120W adapter.
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