What good is baby food for someone with no babies?
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What can I do with baby food (besides feed it to a baby, of course)?

At the grocery store checkout yesterday, I stood in line behind a woman buying a large amount of baby food. When I got home, I found a single jar of organic beef and carrots baby food in my bag. Apparently the checker forgot to pack one of hers and gave it to me instead. I don't want to just throw it away, but I don't know anybody with kids the right age to eat it. There has got to be SOMETHING I can do with it.

Here are ideas I have already ruled out:
*Give it to the roommate's dogs (There is a strict no people food policy)
*Give it to a food bank (Driving all the way to the food bank for one jar of baby food seems more wasteful than just throwing it out in the first place)
*Eat it straight (eww)

Is there anything else I can do with baby food? Can I cook with it? Make something with it? Use it to lubricate the wheels on my skateboard? What would you do?
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Next time you make soup or stew, throw it in the pot.
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If your roommate's dogs have a strict no people-food policy, they can cook up a batch of dog cookies and just toss the jar of dog food into it. Dogs aren't picky about consistency.

Easier still, if the dogs have Kong toys, you can mix the baby food in with some dry dog food, stuff that into the Kong and freeze it overnight. In the morning, you'll have a yummy chew toy for the dogs.
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Here's a recipe for dog cookies that uses Chicken baby food, can't think of any reason you couldn't use beef & veggies instead. Here's another.

and my dyslexia rears its ugly head as I typed "god cookies" like 4 times before I got it right.
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Return it to the supermarket with the explanation that you gave above. If they won't take it back, then drop it off in the food drive barrel one always encounters near the supermarket door.
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Toss it into some chili or stew.
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go to the store and get more stuff before you drop it off at a food bank.
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sorry, i meant donate all the other stuff, too.
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When my kids were baby food age I ate plenty of the stuff as I tried to convince them to do as daddy just did. Some of it was damn good. Eat it, dare a friend to eat it, or maybe give it to a neighbor with a baby, or just throw it away.
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I used to have a recipe for chocolate cake that included a jar of stewed prunes. Apparently it makes it super moist.
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Take it to work and give it away to a co-worker who has a baby or knows someone who does.
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It apparently makes good laxative for cats. But not if it's salty, garlicky, or includes any others of the many, many items cats aren't supposed to eat, so check the ingredients listing first against a list of stuff that's bad for them. Could have similar application for dogs -- not sure, but check it out; could be worth storing if your roommates' dogs have ever had problems with, er, regularity.
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